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About The Show

It was inevitable that Hollywood would someday embrace the steadfast families who, against all odds, contribute so much to our tables, our economy, and our lives. Against The Grain is empowering and inspiring television programming designed to bring those families, and the power of the American spirit, to viewers nationwide.

Against The Grain Productions, LLC, was formed two years ago to bring awareness of our farm and ranch communities to the general public through dramatic programming on broadcast TV, the Internet, digital distribution and DVD.

Against The Grain is a dynamic and entertaining observational reality docudrama that will build awareness of what America’s farmers and businesses confront to bring in their crops and survive in a challenged American industry. 

We have completed production on a nationally syndicated one-hour television documentary special that will act as a stand-alone program as well as a pilot premiere to Against The Grain.  

Our 60-minute Hi-Def production, titled AGAINST THE GRAIN:  THE YEAR MOTHER NATURE STRUCK BACK (“Special”) is being produced by our Emmy Award winning team and agriculture industry experts.  It focuses on a number of farm families as they battle the forces of weather that are “against the grain.”  They tell their own powerful stories in their own words. 

We follow our subjects whose daily struggles … more...

Buy The DVD

Against The Grain DVD
Against The Grain, The Year Mother Nature Struck Back, Now available on DVD. A must-see event program touching the very fabric of the American Dream. After a successful broadcast run on over 170 stations across the country you can now share this dramatic TV special. This is the remarkable saga of farming families who are managing their harvest through the most challenging growing seasons in modern history. A real story, with real farmers.

Now see the worst that Mother Nature has conjured up and the very best examples of true American determination as farmers fight the forces that are AGAINST THE GRAIN.

This is not just a television program. This is a movement telling the story of the most important people in our Country, our American farming families. All proceeds from this DVD are being used to produce the next episode in the series to bring the story of the American Farmer to people across the country. Help us spread the word. Be a part of the story.

Against The Grain:
The Year Mother Nature Struck Back

Closed Caption45 Minutes
$19.95 plus $2.00 Shipping and handling

Show News

Farmers on TV in Los Angeles

Tell your city cousins... Against The Grain will be broadcast on KLCS-TV, Los Angeles. KLCS-TV is the 5th largest PBS station in the nation.

Put a farmer in the mail for Christmas!

Well, maybe not a farmer... but a DVD with the complete pilot episode of "Against The Grain: The year Mother Nature struck back." Click here to purchase a copy (or two or ten), or you can contact us with questions or to find out about bulk orders. … more...

More video from Against The Grain!

Because we know that one hour wasn't enough... we've got more film footage! We've started posting more film clips... out-takes, background, and extended interviews. Click here for the video page and enjoy!

Farming is a dangerous job...

Not all hogs get to the size of the hogs that ate this Oregon farmer. Hog farmers are very aware that their animals are omnivores, meaning they will eat meat, vegetables, grain, or many things. In the 'old days', pigs were given the kitchen … more...

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The Hughes Family

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Yes, in general, we may know the problem that farmers have been facing, but do we realize the constant angst that has followed? This show is our chance to learn. Even though we may be bankers, teachers, journalists, etc., the fear in the field is our problem, too. Take 60 minutes on Sunday to …

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